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Miscellaneous Notes

7th Grade Content - 3rd Marking Period
Posted Tuesday, January 30, 2007 2:00 PM

Subject pronouns:
yo = I
tu = you (familiar, i.e., when you're talking to a kid, friend, or relative)
usted = you (formal, when you're talking to an adult)
el = he
ella = she
nosotros = we
ustedes = you plural (i.e., you all, you guys, youse, etc.)
ellos = they
ellos = they (when you're talking about all girls)
We also learned the meaning of many verbs in the infinitive form.  You can practice online at www.mrscahill.com - click 7th grade then go to the activity called "Verbs in the Infinitive" Java Games. 
The infinitive is the form of the verb that you find in the dictionary, and in Spanish it always ends in either -ar -er -ir.  Example:  hablar=speak, comer=eat, vivir=live
Last marking period we learned how to say that different people are going to do certain things, like to do certain things, and have to do certain things, using infinitive forms of the verbs with different helping verbs.
This marking period we are starting to talk about who does what, using conjugated forms of the verbs (rather than the infinitives).  There are patterns for how to conjugate regular verbs, depending on whether their infinitives end in -ar, -er, -ir.
To say "I ...do such & such" you would start with the pronoun YO. 
Then you take the ending off the infinitive. 
Then you add the correct ending for the subject.
For example, if you want to say "I speak", you take the -ar off hablar and you're left with the stem:  habl-
Then you add the letter "o" for the first person (I).
Yo hablo = I speak.
Yo como = I eat.
Yo vivo.= I live.
The patterns are as follows:
-ar verbs                                     -er verbs                       -ir verbs
yo  -o                                         -o                                       -o
tu  -as                                         -es                                     -es
usted -a                                      -e                                      -e
el -a                                            -e                                      -e
ella - a
nosotros -amos                          -emos                                -imos
ustedes -an                                -en                                    -en
ellos -an                                      -en                                    -en
ellas -an                                      -en                                    -en

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