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8th Gr. Unit 4 Lesson 1 and Course Outline -Downloads

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1. 8th Grade Vocabulary List #1 - Family
Vocabulary for family members
File name: 8notes1aFamVoc.doc | Size: 26 KB

2. 8th Grade Notes #1 Notes on Possessives
Possessive forms, using "de" instead of apostrophe-s, and words like my, your, his, her, our, their
File name: 8notes1.doc | Size: 25 KB

3a. Possessive Practice #1
File name: POSSESSIVESwksht1.doc | Size: 25.5 KB

3b. Possessives Practice #2
File name: POSSESSIVESwksht2.doc | Size: 25.5 KB

3c. Possessives Practice #3
File name: POSSESSIVESwksht3.doc | Size: 26.5 KB

3d. Possessives Practice #4
File name: POSSESSIVESwksht4.doc | Size: 26 KB

3e. Possessives Practice #5
File name: POSSESSIVESwksht5.doc | Size: 26 KB

4. Lectura 1 - Mi Hermano
Practice reading in Spanish - prep for final exam and sample for paragraph writing
File name: Lectura1.doc | Size: 25 KB

4a. Family Member Graphic
An alternate way of presenting a family member
File name: hermano.doc | Size: 797.5 KB

4b. Family Member Acrostic
Another alternate way to present a family member
File name: HERMANO2.doc | Size: 61.5 KB

5. Assignment - Family Composition 1
Beginning to write about family.
File name: familycomp1.doc | Size: 25.5 KB

6. 8th Grade Assignment #1 - Family Tree Rubric
This is due by October 31, and an oral presentation is included and required. We will cover "Professions" before the poster is due. Students will also (separately) need to write in paragraph form about the information on this Family Tree. That is a separate assignment.
File name: famtreerubric.doc | Size: 38 KB

6a. Alternate options for family tree assignment
Other ways to do your family tree

7. Numbers 1-100
It's only necessary to memorize 1-20, and then the 10s after that, because all you have to do is tack on the #s 1-9 after each (20, 21, 22.... 30, 31, 32....etc).
File name: numeros.doc | Size: 47.5 KB

8. Puerto Rico study guide
A few basic facts about the "Isla de encanto" (Island of Enchantment)
File name: PUERTO RICO.doc | Size: 1.02 MB

8a. Map of Puerto Rico
Map with places labeled
File name: PRMAP.doc | Size: 38.5 KB

From Dime Algo
File name: STUDY GUIDEU4L1.doc | Size: 30.5 KB