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7th Gr Downloads

These are some of the handouts and assignments for the 7th grade 2008-2009

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7th Grade Assignment - Design a Town
File name: DESIGN A TOWN.doc | Size: 24 KB

7th Grade Spanish Class - 2008-2009
File name: 7thGr20082009.doc | Size: 34 KB

Class Notes 1
Verbs in the infinitive
File name: 7grnotes1.doc | Size: 47.5 KB

Expressing Obligation using "tener que"
File name: tenerque.doc | Size: 34.5 KB

Expressing future with "ir"
Saying you're going to do something - using forms of "ir" with infinitives of verbs.
File name: 7grnotes2.doc | Size: 25 KB

Going places - Unit 3 Lesson 1
Talking about places in a town, and going to places.
File name: 7grnotesU3L1.doc | Size: 34 KB

Lugares - Vocabulary list
Places to go
File name: Los Lugares.doc | Size: 39.5 KB