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6th Grade Downloads

For Mrs. Cahill's MacKinnon 6th Grade Spanish classes

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6th Grade Spanish - 2008-2009
Class overview
File name: 6thGrade20082009.doc | Size: 33.5 KB

Class Notes 1
Lección Preliminar - using the word "hay" (pronounced "eye")
File name: ClassNotes1_6gr.doc | Size: 24 KB

Class Notes 2 - Gender of Nouns, and Articles
Explanation of Definite Articles (the) and Indefinite Articles (a/an)
File name: ClassNotes2_6gr.doc | Size: 27.5 KB

Classroom Items - Vocabulary List
File name: classvocab.doc | Size: 43 KB

Notes on Greetings and Pronouns
File name: 6Class_Notes_3.doc | Size: 36 KB

South America
Pretty map by Andres
File name: samerica2.JPG | Size: 227.94 KB

Spanish-Speaking Country Assignment
File name: Travel Explo Rubric 6th.doc | Size: 30 KB